Get Ready
To Move

Moving day can be very trying on a person or an entire family.
You should start the process about 1 month before the big day.
There are a lot of things that have to be taken care of.
Below is a checklist that will help you along the way.

1 Month to 2 weeks prior
to moving, you should:

1) Make arrangements to transfer children to their new school(s), if applicable.
2) Arrange for movers, making sure they are available.
3) Notify creditors of your new address.
4) Have your doctor ready to transfer medical records, if applicable.
5) Get packing boxes if you are packing yourself.
2 weeks to 1 week prior
to moving, you should:
1) Notify the bank of your move, to transfer accounts.
2) Return borrowed items such as library books etc.
3) Dispose of items that you can’t take with you.
4) Make arrangements to shut off utilities, cable and phone.
5) Make arrangements to connect utilities, cable and phone.
6) Begin the process of forwarding mail and change of address cards.
7) Cancel newspaper and other home deliveries.
8) Make arrangements with insurance companies.
1 week to closing day,
you should:
1) Contact your mortgage company for final preparations.
2) Contact your lawyer to make closing appointment.
3) Arrange for a pre-closing inspection the day of closing.
4) Make arrangements to move pets and plants.
5) Pack a box with items you will need as soon as you move.
6) Start draining the water bed 2 days before, if applicable.
7) Dispose of trash and other unwanted items.

The above are some of the important things that need to be taken care of prior to moving. I’m sure there are others. Make a list as they come to mind. By preparing for the move early, you will find it less stressful. Hope this helps.