About Me

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My Commitment

Looking after my clients is an essential part of my business which has been the backbone of my success. I am dedicated to providing you with accurate information on market trends both past and present so that you can make an informed decision on the purchase of a property.

Contact me at your convenience so I can help yoou achieve your goals of buying of selling a property.

How I market


Today there are many ways to market a property from our  MLS system to newspaper, TV, brochures, signage, open houses, social media and more. I work with all of these media types to get the best and fastest results.

Depending on current market conditions I determine which media types will get the job done. Contact me for more info on the importance of advertising.

Here’s what I do

My Services

The experience and knowledge I have gained for more than 35 years by constantly updating my data base and keeping track of market trends and conditions allows me to provide top level and thorough analysis of what you can expect today.

You will benefit from this when I provide you with a complete and comprehensive overview of the area(s) you are interested in so you can make that wise informed decision.

Helping people is my job!


We've known Steve for more than 20 years and bought and sold 4 times through him. His service and experience helped us make the right decisions.
Steve has helped us buy and sell 3 times. We were extremely happy with his service. Our 2 children have purchased their first homes through him as well.
We bought our home 10 years ago through Steve. He stays in touch with updates and drops by to say hi. He does great work for his clients.