This buyer information guide will
assist new home buyers through
the purchasing process  and provides
a useful checklist for all buyers.


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Know The Area

Choosing the right neighbourhood is one of the most important decisions a home buyer must make. The decision depends on many factors and You should always keep in mind the following:

If the area is new to you, take the time to drive or walk the area, both during the day and the evening.

Find out about schools, stores, churches and tranportation etc.

You may want to visit the schools and daycare facilities.

The distance to and from work at peak times may be a factor.

Zoning and future development are very important.

Re-sale values and property taxes can be affected by significant changes in the area.

Are there any major infrastructure projects planned for the area?

Find out all you can before you decide to buy. Talk to some of the neighbours. They can be a valuable source of information.

Know The Market

Properties listed for sale generally reflect current market conditions and recent sales of similar homes in the area. Home owners try to price their homes on a fine line between getting the highest price and ensuring the asking price is competitive to attract serious buyers. Most REALTORS® advise their clients to be realistic about pricing in order to get an accepted offer within a reasonable period of time. Before making an offer, find the answers to the following questions:

What have similar properties recently sold for?

What was their market time?

Do they compare with this one?

Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market?

Is this property priced fairly?

Having this information will put you in a better negotiating position to get the property at the best possible price. The experience of the REALTOR® and their knowledge of the market is invaluable at this point. They know the area and the properties currently for sale and are your best source of information to help you find the perfect home.

The main factors that affect property value are:


Understanding these factors will help you to get the best possible deal. Ask your REALTOR® to prepare a Market Evaluation report to confirm your findings.

Home Inspections

Buyers are encouraged to have the home inspected by a qualified home inspector to find out if there are any structural or environmantal issues, leaks or other damage that may affect the value of the property.

They will provide a written report on their findings that will include:

Minor maintenance problems
Structural damage
Leaky basements
Cracked foundations
Grading and drainage
Wiring and plumbing
Roofing problems
Heating and ventilation
Environmental status

Knowing the status of these and other items through a visual inspection will help you to determine whether or not to go forward and complete the transaction. The age of the property is an important factor and properties are priced accordingly.

Buying Mistakes

Buying or selling a home can be very stressful and confusing. Very few people ever move enough to gain the necessary experience to be able to do it on their own. Below is a list of common mistakes that may be helpful:

Searching for a home before being approved by a lender
Not checking the neighbourhood before buying
Making an offer based on asking price as opposed to market value
First impressions sometimes affect decisions
Not using a professional inspector
Relying on the qouted mortgage rates
Leaving home insurance until the last minute
Signing documents before reading them
Making verbal agreements
Not knowing what you can and cannot do

Your REALTOR® will assist you through the buying process. They are trained professionals and understand these and other pitfalls.